"Benno Marmur is an emerging player to watch. He has a warm sound, and he swings and plays melodically and from the heart. He listens and responds well in the moment and is very conversational in his approach to soloing and comping. I enjoy playing with Benno and look forward to following his progress and career."

-John Stowell

One of the notable young, up-and-coming, forward-thinking jazz guitarists who is also becoming well versed in swinging and poetic bop phrasing. 

-Peter Mazza

"Benno is a brilliant guitar player that without any doubts will leave his mark on the New York jazz scene" "

-Rotem Sivan

"Possessing an entrancing, warm, round tone, a deep sense of swing and a strong, earthy blues sensibility, Benno Marmur is an adventurous, forward-thinking player with an incredible melodic sense.  Burning with quiet intensity, Benno Marmur is a name to keep an eye on in the world of modern jazz guitarists.

-Chris Bergson

"Benno Marmur is a young guitarist who already has a nice sound and ideas to match. I look forward to hearing him in the future."

-Dave Stryker